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Individual(self) Government, Science, Belief, Research, and more... Is more than a few webpages! anARK means "a natural perspective of belief;" and we each have our own perspective of our environments. Some examples of use are "I have an american Ark," or "my anARK is american," "a natural perspective of belief is not complicated," or. In the united states, most people from other countries carry with them the belief of their home land, and so do residents, and they also might carry a credential authorizing access to services of one town or another. For those of anARK, we are comparative, only we find our purpose in that way we wear our genes and choose to live. We can be of any nation, planet, station, craft, or moon, and our perspectives as unique as ourselves. If we find agreement... perhaps we write it down, or not. We have tens of thousands of pages of proprietary research and documentation to support each project belonging to our nation and the origin is known for the work of our contributors, and most have a front end presentation, back end support, and offline documentation available. We are working to build a community of individuals interested in these topics and the volunteer contribution development, and study. As more persons become involved declaring their own perspectives of environment and condition, this list of domains will grow and among those where we manage ourselves among other perspective, original work of those contributors, and further presentations. It does not cost anything to participate, No advertising is done on these pages, and you can volunteer anytime you want of any skill level or interest. (this is still in progress)

anARK Routing The Government of an ARK

Administration Belief Calender
  • Calendar Indicates early work to establish a Calendar our natural belief. This calendar is used for scientific discovery.
Currency (GoA, Non Digital)
International Standards Exchange (In Development) Directory
  • Property Directory A directory of domains assembled. These are each evaluated regularly for correctness, and include more information useful at perspective.
Entertainment Fellow Directory (an Ark)(Life File) Florida Government (Community Government) Government of anArch Laboratories: Qualified Hand Tools, Trade and Practice Industry Intelligent Orders Law and Legal: Arch Natural Law
  • Arch Law, Natural Law in a Natural Nation
  • Arch Embassy, Where the Embassy of Washington Dc or the States will not represent the Individual
  • Ark Law, Grounds of Belief argued as part of United States or American Law
  • Arc Law, Law governing the use of spark relative to natural energy container measurements.
Library: Learn about the Magical Arts; Apprentice to Master Mail
  • Free email service (Town Service) (Planned)
Natural Government of a Point RULE
  • Florida State, Florida Arch RULE A perspective of management and interacting with the procedures established for participating and seeking agreement among men in Florida.
  • Established by GoA Fellow, as required by the state.
  • Converted to PDF distributable and subdomain. The News site was acquired by QBI, and closed as the news delivery source until further notice. This link is the archived information.
  • Request Project data via email, mail, or text messenger.
  • Web forms to contact Michael
  • Send an email to
  • Forum: Time Travelers, Ghosts, Aliens, and Communications A Forum to be organized like an library is depicted here, and will later be assembled with this domain group.
  • Forum: Haunted America Spirits, Angels, demons, arhon, deities, Arch Angels and greater spirits of man and animals. This Section is being developed at this address until a place is found among web properties to better indicate like an encyclopedia and with library to manage those references.
Planning and Construction Political Representation
  • American Party (Forum) A collection of political organizations, with information presented having a perspective of the garden planet and management in accordance with. This political group is not the only group with representation, and eventually a library will be assembled for perspectives of one politician, organization or another will be assembled with this domain group as part of the community.
  • American Union and United States of America (Web Property) A perspective of agreements among men, above men, in America. This section will grow to include references among the continents, and indicating evaluations of leadership or procedure with perspective of the garden planet or other procedures, and with a place for formal and informal submissions and discussions.
  • Intel Set has been deprecated to FTP as out of date data set.
Project: Second Heart
Science Special Projects Support Utilities
  • Solar Power Design and Service (Town Service) (Planned)
  • Messenger Community (Town Service) (Planned)
  • Quantum Bell Telecommunications (Town Service) (Planned)

The Government of our Nation and States
A Guide to Interacting as an individual of differing belief or reference.

Administration of anAmerica

Views from over 100+ Countries.
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