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"The truth is our garden planet."

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Individual(self) Government, Science, Belief, Research, and more... anARK.net Is more than a few webpages! anARK means "a natural perspective of belief;" and we each have our own perspective of our environments. Wear your genes as you were born onto the garden planet. Like the smallest of creatures is often self governed and with purpose for self or group, so to are we, and we might each see the garden in different ways. anARK, first there was an, and then their was our ARK .Of natural intelligence, and where we learn on our own, super imposed by others, with a brain like animal life or that of the plants on the garden, the construction of our belief is as important to survival as it is an indicator of an ability to learn or figure things out, without a book. The government of anARCH (of construction) and anArchy (of order) are a self government adhered by some intelligent persons, not defined today as a nation or micro-nation. This perspective is told of my own, you can contribute your own perspective to help improve and better this content!

In the next few months we will be transitioning to a mobile / remote workload participation model. If you would like to participate with developing platforms and workflow processes and among assignments, or you would like volunteer to edit, improve and amend any of this documentation and assembly of presentation, contact us!This perspective is seeking another person to contribute! A perspective of the planet is held by each life form and each object or point. That position data and work we do should be indicated here!

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The Government of an ARK
Take the Oath of the Elluminous

The Government of Asia
Take the Oath of the Elluminous

Reference administration for the type of service you seek. To volunteer, you must visit a natural temple of the garden planet. Once you volunteer, your service is to this planet and territory areas, and with the discretion of your selection for belief.

Point Perspective(s) (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, of x)

This is administrative section for anARCH. Each animal is born, and learns to move or live while establishing their dominion and exploring or maintaining it during their lives as home among the continuum's and competition of all the others said to live on the garden planet.

Government of Florida
Judiciary of Florida Law and Legal: Arch Natural Law (Justice)
  • Arch Law, Natural Law in a Natural Nation
  • Arch Embassy, Where the Embassy of Washington Dc or the States will not represent the Individual
  • Ark Law, Grounds of Belief argued as part of United States or American Law
  • Arc Law, Law governing the use of spark relative to natural energy container measurements.
Politics of Florida Need to apply the great seat, the seal, and the flag of florida.

The belief is important for me relative to the gods. The planet is billions of years untold in age, and gods were here among men before electricity, artificial radio signaling and man made satellites. The planet, perhaps born of the star, our environment born of this planets, and of those environments and titans, the birth of life, our flocks, and mankind.

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